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BDSM Dominatrix Ladyboy Mistress Of Manila Femdom To Unveil Your Fetish

Goddess Viper The Perfect Dominatrix Mistress Ladyboy With a Functional Cock Pay Attention And Read As You Might Have Some Questions In Mind And Will Be Answered Through Reading My Profile And To Avoid Asking Same Questions So Be Attentive Slave!!!

Goddess Mistress Viper Golden Rule

Make Your Goddess ALWAYS HAPPY “FIRST” And She Will Make Your Dream Come True. Happy Mistress, Happy Life

👑 Mistress 👑 Queen 👑 Empress 👑 Goddess 👑

I am a self-made Dominatrix Mistress and a Princess Doll Goddess mold and developed through time and experiences, just lately one of my slave suggested me to expand my connections and give chance to the other slaves who must experience a session with me at least ones in their lifetime to taste my way of domination to SERVE AND WORSHIP A LIVING GODDESS!!!. I am a versatile Dominatrix Mistress no surgeries nor operations taken (yet) I am planning to undergo breast augmentation ONLY IF SOMEONE WILL SPONSOR ME TO HAVE IT, to show how much my slave is dedicated and genuinely wanted to serve and please his Goddess Mistress, however I will NEVER EVER! change my cock into a pussy because as what of one of my devoted slaves told me that “A lady with a real functional cock is a gift from up above to worship by Man.

I am a daughter under the stars of LIBRA I balance both being a Dominatrix Mistress and a Goddess Babydoll. For me it glows and shines from within naturally being a real Dominatrix Mistress and through this I will have an equilibrium.

CEO, Presidents, Executives, and Tycoons maybe are the bosses with their businesses but once when they are with me they are just a worthless piece of dirt under my heels. I don't act like boss because I'M REALLY THE BOSS!!!

Since my website is just new I am open and selective to have my stable regular slaves, specially those who are geniunely and sincerely to be my stable slave even if we are apart from each other and willing to help me financially that satisfies them and life fulfilling sending me cash gifts feels like they are useful and committed to their Goddess Mistress.

Feel free to explore my website and check to what I offer.
As for now these are the things that I could offer, BE MY STABLE SLAVE AND LET’S BUILD AN EMPIRE!!!

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